The Viking Boy II

The Viking Boy II

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The truth is little boys love superheroes, but what if we gave them a superhero who didn't wear Lycra, couldn't fly and didn't fight badies...

What if we gave them a boy !

"The Viking Boy"

a boy who wasn't the smartest, fastest or even the strongest, but a super hero just the same... 
a boy who believed that he could change the world a little bit at a time; who had the courage to be different... and the bravery to stand for what is true...
Captain Finn is such a boy... ever since he was a baby in his father’s arms he could hear the whales calling him and when he was old enough, he set sail to be with his beloved Migaloo the white humpback whale... 
A story of courage, hope, friendship and a boy who listened to his heart…


Written by Vicki Wood
Illustrations by Brigitte May
Graphic Design by Simon Portbury